Spiritual Mastery Course

Spiritual Paths are a personal thing   


That’s why Meviva’s Spiritual Mastery Course was designed to take the unique aspects of your spiritual path into account.   


As a student in our program, you won’t be reading a list of books WE think are important.   


YOU will pick the content you think is important.  You will study at your own pace, and design your own path as you go along.   


As you make progress, we will be here to guide you along, asking questions that will cause you to reflect, question deeply held beliefs, and move you along the path to spiritual mastery.  


Just like any other course of study, you will be asked to do, attend, read, write, reflect, and communicate your thoughts through direct communications with staff members or with your peers through our forum.

Upon achieving each of the seven levels of attainment in the Spiritual Mastery Course, you will be recognized on www.Meviva.net and you will receive a beautiful certificate for display.   

Once you have completed the requirements for the the seventh level, you will receive a graduation certificate stating that you have achieved the Ascendent Master Level at Meviva, you will also be invited to work directly with students working toward the Seventh level as they seek feedback and spiritual mentorship along their path. 


You may also be asked to contribute to our blog from time to time.    

We invite you to embark on your own special path and to let us be a part of it.   It won’t be an easy journey, but our community will be here to provide light when you are in the dark, and to lighten your load when times get tough.  

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