No More Belly Aching!

How recognizing your thoughts and emotions can help you live a healthy life

My thoughts today pertain to the way we suppress our feelings and fail to realize when we are doing ourselves harm. This was never more evident than when I was recently driving my son to his placement exam at the new high school he will be attending in the Fall. For a couple of days, I could tell that he was becoming nervous. He started to become withdrawn, and I could just feel the tension emanating from his person. The night before the exam, he came into my room with a frantic look on his face. It was the same frantic look he gets when he realizes that he forgot something important at home when we are halfway to school in the morning. This time he was complaining that his stomach hurt. I instantly flashed back to when we used to drop him off at pre school and he would vomit as soon as I left him with his teacher. It got so bad that the teacher began grabbing for a wastepaper basket as soon as we walked through the door.

So, what’s the point of this story? I can’t help thinking that my son’s stomach pains are something that will continue to ache him long into the future if he doesn’t start to at least recognize his anxious feelings. My son is 14-year-old and he’s lucky that all he has is a stomachache. How many of us are doing worse things to ourselves by holding on to negative emotions? Even worse…. How many of us don’t even recognize that we are feeling those emotions in the first place?

I believe that meditation holds the key to giving people more control of their thoughts, emotions, and physical health. Meditation is the practice of lowering your brain waves and being an awareness in the present moment. As random thoughts enter your awareness during meditation, the goal is to recognize that thought and return your attention to the present moment. The practical benefit of this practice is that it gives you the ability to quickly recognize when your awareness isn’t where you want it to be when you are going about your conscious daily routine.

So, if thoughts become emotions that cause a physiological effect with potentially long-term consequences, wouldn’t that imply that the ability to quickly recognize your thoughts and emotions and redirect your awareness could have some pretty big implications for long term health and happiness? I think that’s worth a few minutes of your time every day. Just a thought.


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