Does Your Steak Have a Story to Tell?

Updated: Apr 13

I started my journey to veganism almost two years ago. My initial drive was to get my health on track. Studying nutrition at the college level gives me a daily reminder of how important it is to nourish our bodies with what it wants... you are what you eat! The foods you eat daily either raise your spiritual vibration or lower it. When we choose to eat plant-derived foods that are naturally high in vibrational energy, our mind, body, and spirit flourish.

Animals who have experienced pain, torture, and suffering in their lifetime carry low vibrational energy from their past experiences. When we choose to consume animal products, we are inviting those low vibrations into our cells, inhibiting spiritual growth. The deeper I get into my vegan journey, the deeper my connection and compassion becomes for all living beings around me.

If you have interest in becoming vegan, I encourage you to recognize the drive behind it and stick with that. This will help you stay motivated throughout your transition. If you were once someone who ate mostly animal products and are now relying strictly on plants, become educated on what foods you need to stay nourished. The power of plants is unquestionable. I believe mother nature put medicine right in nature... let's not let it go to waste.

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